Rice and Pasta

  • Arroz, Pasta y Tempura

    Fried rice with egg
    Thai fried rice "ping ping pang pang"
    Fried rice with coconut milk and fruit
    Fried rice "thousand delicious"
    Nasi goreng fried Indonesian rice
  • Arroz, Pasta y Tempura

    Jasmine rice
    Teppayaki rice
    "Pad thai" noodles
    Chow mein with "Thousand delicious"
    Crispy noodle with chicken &vegetable
  • Arroz, Pasta y Tempura

    Sizzling wu dong noodles
    Mixed vegetable to the wok
    Thai curry mixed vegetable
    Fried mushroom and brocoli to the wok
  • Arroz, Pasta y Tempura

    Mixed Tempura (Vegetables)
    Tempura prawns
    Tempura with prawns
    Mixed tempura (Fish, crab meat, vegatables and prawns)